founder's profile

Prabhakar Parab’s efforts have focussed on developing excellent in-house engineering capabilities in research, design & development. These efforts have aimed at proactively supporting the most important pillars for the printing, packaging & labelling industry, viz. installation, repair & refurbish, annual maintenance and indigenous product development.
Prabhakar Parab Founder System Electronics

Prabhakar Parab has over 30 years of experience spanning various roles in engineering. During the course of this experience, Prabhakar has succeeded in streamlining & providing highly professional engineering services to the mostly unorganised industry of printing, packaging and labelling, as far as repairing and maintenance are concerned. Realising the variables of the challenging environment in non-stop operations, Prabhakar pioneered the proactive maintenance model, which has succeeded in not just extending operational life of installed machinery, but also in increasing production efficiencies. Today, this model is very popular with many leading companies in the printing, packaging & labelling industry.

An excellent engineering mind, Prabhakar has been at the lead in indigenously developing some of the most ingenious engineering solutions desired by the printing, packaging & labelling industry. All of these products are still in active service across different printing set-ups of various companies. By forging strategic partnerships with leading international companies, Prabhakar has also had the fortune of introducing printing companies in India to the latest technologies in the world of printing. His prudent engineering skills along with his customer centric outlook have enabled System Electronics & Optronics Pvt. Ltd. to become Indian representatives of their international industry & technology partners.

With a heavy focus on team building, Prabhakar regularly leads in-house technical training programs. By himself, he has been attending DRUPA exhibitions continuously since the year 1995.

Prathamesh Parab System Electronics

In the year 2013 after getting the degree in engineering with specialization in electronics and telecommunication, Mr Prathamesh Parab joined the firm under the leadership of his father Mr Prabhakar Parab.
The vision is to provide world class service in the field of printing and packaging. Mr Prathamesh also attended the 2016 DRUPA exhibition held in Dusseldorf Germany, Being the certified OMET engineer for India he also took training twice at OMET srl in Lecco Italy.