ECP 2000M

ECP 2000M, is a micro-controller based unit that controls the flow of ink in offset machines. It also controls the circumferential and lateral movements/ registrations of the plates used in printing, thus allowing (write reason). While ‘ECP’ is the acronym for Embedded Controlled Printing, ‘2000’ is the model number of the product and ‘M’ indicates Memory. The product is ideal for ( write conditions) and can be customised to fit machinery of any make & size.
  • Ink Flow Control Embedded Damping Control
  • Offset Machine Ink Flow Control
  • Ink Flow Control in Offset Machine
Complete Panel

All motors of each unit are controlled & monitored by a dedicated port and hence requires schematic wiring plan. Once installed in the offset printing machine, the ECP controls the movements of the following motors:

  • Ink key motors
  • Ink Duct motors
  • Circumferential motors
  • Lateral motors

  • Front Panel

    The front panel consists of bar graph and digital display for every motor for a single cylinder. The amount of ink flow i.e. motor movements is indicated in percentage in between 0 to 99 on the digital display of the front panel.

    The circumferential and lateral motor movements are indicated by a number in between +2.00 to -2.00 on the digital display. This is measured in millimetre units in terms of the plate movement.

    In the image above: Front panel of the ink keys with key number in blue display, the bar graph and the movement keys to move motor in both directions.

    Main Panel

    The ECP 2000M consists of a graphic LCD display and a main keyboard on the main panel. The main keyboard consists of keys for cylinder selection. It also consists of the numeric keys and some special keys dedicated to the specific functions which the ECP performs. The LCD shows various parameters such as the cylinder that is currently selected, the availability of special functions programmed in the ECP etc. The LCD thus serves as the main man-machine interface for any memory related operations.

    In the image above: Main panel with circumferential, lateral and ink duct bar graphs, digital display and movement keys.

    Graphic LCD

    The main feature of the ECP is its ability to store the positions of all motors for each cylinder thus enabling faster & easier printing of repeated jobs. The ECP consists of two types of memory (i.e. the Internal Memory and the External Memory). The Internal memory of ECP can store up to 50 jobs while the External memory has ability to store 100 jobs.

    In the image above: LCD showing machine status, cylinder selection and counter values. Main keyboard for cylinder selection and memory related functions.


  • Internal memory of 50 jobs
  • External memory of 100 jobs per memory stick
  • Graphic LCD Display for displaying complete press status on the run
  • Complete System Self diagnostics during the time power on
  • All internal power supplies with universal power Input 90-270VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Accurate positioning of circumferential, lateral, ink duct and all Ink keys in AUTO mode
  • Ink key digital readouts in 2 digit percentage values with 1% resolution and bar graph
  • Display of all crucial parameters like sheet count, speed of press in RPH, total sheets etc.
  • Total production report for a maximum of 250 jobs
  • Under voltage, over voltage and phase sequence protection