In the last 10 years, we have built our expertise in refurbishing & overhauling printing and packaging machines that have incurred specific damage. Our refurbishing reinstates the machine in ‘as good as new’ condition and has helped us establish our leadership in this service. As a result of rapidly advancing technology, we also specialise in retrofitting technologically outdated machines with the latest technology.
  • Offset Machine Refurbishing Services
  • Repairing Spare Parts Offset Machine
  • Offset Machine Spare Part Repairing
  • Spare Parts Repairing Damage Machine
  • Refubish Spare Parts Repairing
  • Offset Repairing Spare Parts
  • OffSet Refubish Spare Parts Repairing

Through our rich insights, we have managed to establish an effective road map to machine refurbishment. Today, we specialise in achieving complete refurbishment of machines damaged by fire and by water during transit. As following damage, be it even of minute nature, the lifespan of the machine can be greatly reduced, we take suitable first check & aid measures that can help restore the machine’s lifespan to the original, with minimal expenditure. Our area of expertise include

  • Restoration and repair after incident damage
  • General machine overhaul
  • Modernisation
  • Spare parts production


Our refurbishment road map includes the following steps:

  • Charting preliminary solutions to avoid business interruptions
  • Establishing the various alternatives possible to achieving desired restoration
  • Disassembling into components at site
  • Restoration of individual components
  • Performance and quality control checks during restoration work
  • Reassembling of machine and re-commissioning at site
  • Reconditioning & recalibration of machines