Embedded Damping Control

A micro controller based unit, the Embedded Damping Control is a simple, reliable & user friendly unit to synchronize the speed of damping motors with that of the machine. By continuously monitoring the machine speed, the controller triggers speed correction of the damping motor to bring it in accordance to the pre-determined ratio set for the cylinder. The embedded damping control works only when the unit is operated in the auto mode. For effective monitoring, the unit displays essential parameters such as machine speed in RPH, damping motor speed in RPM, and the pre-determined ratio (in percentage) of the machine speed & damping motor. The unit uses a 4 line 20 character alphanumeric LCD screen.
Embedded Damping Controller Synchronizing Damping Motor Speed
  • Internal Memory of 50 Jobs
  • External Memory of 100 jobs per Memory stick
  • Graphic LCD Display for displaying complete press status on the run
  • Complete System Self diagnostics at Power on
  • All internal Power supplies with Universal Power Input 90-270VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Accurate positioning of Circum, Lateral, Ink Duct and all Ink keys in AUTO mode
  • Display of all crucial parameters like Sheet Count, Speed of press in RPH, Total Sheets etc
  • Ink Key digital readout in 2 digit percentage values with 1% resolution and Bar Graph
  • Total production report for 250 jobs maximum
  • Under voltage, Over voltage and Phase sequence protection