International Collaborations

We have been pioneering the import of new technologies in India to make available the latest & most advanced technologies for the printing, packaging & labelling industry and representing our international partners on a pan-India basis. Through us, our international partners signify their priority of the Indian market and their commitment in delivering reliable services to the entire industry.
GW UV Curing Systems
GEW - UV Curing Systems

GEW is a manufacturer of UV Curing Equipments for printing and coating applications. It is a London based company, whose ebricks are mostly used in the Indian label industry. We at System Electronics have been given the responsibility of repairing of ebricks.

Weldon celloplast limited
Weldon celloplast limited

Weldon Celloplast Limited provides total solutions for label printers, conforming to the finest global standards. They have some of the most respected international industry suppliers. They endeavor to keep the Label printers, Flexo printers, Package printing and converting companies abreast with the latest developments around the world. System Electronics looks after their service in India for all machinery that are being marketed in India.

Dupont logo

DUPONT being flexographic plate making equipment manufacturer it has the highest system value for the printing and packaging industries by delivering excellent quality and enabling fast turnaround times from design to final package.

It includes:

  • Processors
  • Exposure units
  • Dryers
  • Combo units (dryer/light finisher/post-exposure and exposure/light finisher/post-exposure)