Why us?

Our over 28 years of history is full of engineering innovation & reliability. Today, we are India’s leading engineering services company for the printing, packaging & labelling industry. From turnkey projects to maintenance, our services cater to the full spectrum needs of the industry.
Proactive Maintenance
  • Pre-scheduled maintenance & service dates.
  • Emergency quick response service and on-call technical support helpline
  • Appointments through call centre & internet
Turnkey Projects
  • Comprehensive pre installation & site inspection
  • On time technical assistance and support.
  • Power quality testing & earthing/ ground testing
  • Installation services & operational hand holding
Qualified Engineers & Trained Technicians
  • Average industry experience of more than 5 years
  • On time technical assistance and support.
  • Dedicated training & development programs for the team
  • Experienced on pre-press, press, post-press machines for flexo gravure & screen printing
Sophisticated & Cutting Edge Technologies
  • State of the art instrument lab & in-circuit IC simulator
  • Anti static mats & hot air gun for SMD components
  • Power quality analyzer, earth ground tester, scope meter, IR thermometer & many more diagnostic tools
Engineering Design & Development
  • In house research, design & development team
  • Use of sophisticated & cutting edge technology
  • Use of sophisticated & cutting edge technology