Photocell Controller

The Digital Photocell is a micro controller based unit with a display unit and an I/O interface to communicate various inputs and outputs between the controller and the machine. The display unit consists of 2 line seven segment displays and a 25 key feather touch keyboard. While the upper line of the display indicates parameters such as sheet count, batch count, and error message at impression OFF, the lower line of the display indicates machine speed in RPH (rotations per hour). The Keyboard is used for programming the batch counter and other functions of the controller.
Digital Photocell for Sheet Batch Count
  • Internal Memory of 50 Jobs
  • External Memory of 100 jobs per Memory stick
  • Graphic LCD Display for displaying complete press status on the run
  • Complete System Self diagnostics at Power on
  • All internal Power supplies with Universal Power Input 90-270VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Under voltage, Over voltage and Phase sequence protection
  • Avoids damages to the blankets and helps cost savings by disallowing misaligned or mistimed sheets to be printed
  • Displays error message at impression OFF to help realise the cause of error at the first attempt
  • Helps keep track of the number of printed sheets through sheet counter
  • Through batch controller, prints a predetermined number of sheets after which the printing stops
  • Assures minimum wastage of sheets by avoiding back printing and auto control of impression, feeder and lay